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We're in the service business.

At R & H Pressure Washing, we believe in providing the best services available on the market today.

R & H Pressure Washing works with you to provide the solutions you need at a price you can afford. We partner with you to improve the appearance of you home or business. Here at R & H we understand that appearance means a lot whether it be your store front or what you see when you pull into your driveway.

On the commercial side, a nice clean appearance is very important.  Clean and shiny catches people's eye. Here at R & H we specialize in revitalizing concrete, brick, wood, vinyl and aluminum. We can also clean most other surfaces with a remarkable result. We can remove unsightly graffiti and treat the area so that if vandalized again it will be easy to clean up. Parking lots are a big issue as well, nobody likes to have stepped in gum or oil and then get into their vehicle. We can clean whatever you need us too, whether it is your store front or as big as your parking lot, your house or your warehouse. We are here to serve you.

On the residential side, I don't know about you, but, I don't like for things to be dirty,mildewed or moldy. That's one thing I really like about my business, when I leave a job the results are so dramatic that it's astounding. Things are back to looking brand new again!  We can make your driveways look bright white again, your gutters and siding sparkle and shine, your bricks and mortar look fresh and new, your fences, decks, and wooden swing sets look like they were just built. We can also apply a sealant or stain to protect and extend the life of all of your wood products. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from.

With these few simple scenarios I have mentioned, I hope that if you decide to have any of these services performed that you will call us here at 770-605-2995. Serving you professionally and effectively is our top priority and would be our pleasure. 

Created to fill a specific need, R & H Pressure Washing helps to make your life easier, your business more successful, and your home more appealing. We saw the need, and we addressed it with a comprehensive range of services.

R & H Pressure Washing is staffed by professionals who are devoted to targeting your specific needs. We will consult with you to determine your requirements and to configure solutions that are specifically tailored for your situation.
We've expanded our business to include this Web site so that our customers can enjoy convenient access to information, new products and ideas.
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